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Types of Woodworking Benches

Types of Woodworking Benches

Regardless of whether they’re woodworkers by passion or by career. So long as they put their hands to work and turn blocks of wood into beautiful pieces of art, a bench is the starting point of everything. It’s where furniture, gifts, art, accessories and decorative items are created; the table where it all happens. If you’re new to the world of woodworking then the very basic thing you should know about would be about the benches.

Different Types of Woodworking Benches

There are many different types of these woodworking benches but they can generally be classified into three groups which are the portable workstation, the ones meant for small scale projects and for people who don’t have a fixed work place or workshop to get crafty in. The second group would be the traditional cabinetmaker’s bench which is large in size ranging from about four to six feet in length. It’s typically used by carpenters who make large scale projects and work in their personal space. The last group would be the utility bench, a modern and somewhat practical choice. It’s not as sturdy or complete as the cabinetmakers one so it requires a lot of additional tools such as vises, clamps and so on.

Build your woodworking benches

Whether you custom build your woodworking bench or you buy it off the market, the most important factor of all is the height of the bench. As odd as it may seem, the height matters the most because many woodworkers spend hours crafting away at the table and more often than not they do it standing up. As time flies while wood is turned into art, you need to make sure that you’re not bent over a table all that neither time nor stretched up, struggling through the entire work process. The height of the table is important as it determines your comfort, posture and quality of your work too. Typically, a woodworking bench is designed between 30 to 40 inches high. So have it customized in accordance to your height if you aren’t of average height.

Another important feature of a workbench is the storage space that comes with it. It’s basic knowledge that a woodworker has got so many supplies, tools, wood pieces, pattern templates and so on. For all of that, it’s no surprise if you get to know that they’re not the neatest or most organized people around. So a workbench that comes with plenty of storage space is always a plus. Fill drawers with supplies as well as all the odds and ends, fill cabinets with tools and empty shelves can hold your wood. Your woodworking bench is everything in one, so a lot of thought and planning goes into designing one of these things. Woodworking Benches

If you’re getting one for yourself, look into all the factors and pick the one that would fit you best. If you’d like to get creative, then make one for yourself. You are after all, a woodworker. So make yourself your very own woodworking bench, customized to your every desire.