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How To Remove Paint From Baseboard Most Effectively

How To Remove Paint From Baseboard Most Effectively

We as people mess up almost all the time. However, this messing up doesn’t always involve the bigger things in life; it can also mean that spilling paint on the baseboard and ruining it. But worry not, because the latter can be fixed easily if one knows how to do it.

There are lots of easy ways on the internet that lets you take the paint off your baseboard without causing any damage to it. Thus, paint removal from baseboard doesn’t have to be a hassle, anymore. You can easily clean the baseboards with the help of right materials and knowledge sans causing any damage to them.

You can also quickly remove the baseboards on your own without having to call for professional help. If you know the right technique to do it then, it will help you save a bomb. For the installation of new floors, you can remove baseboards in a safe way to prevent damage so that they can be reused later.

So, if you want to know any of the easy techniques of renewing your baseboard by scrubbing off the stubborn paint off it, then continue reading this article and be a professor at it.

There are times when people, unfortunately, spill paint on their baseboards. Some of you choose to change the entire baseboards while some of you decide to get rid of the paint either all by yourselves or call for professional help.

Thus, people wanting to do all the work on their own need to get themselves a few things for scraping off the paint from the baseboard.

5 Easy Steps To Remove Paint From Baseboards

Removing paint from baseboards isn’t something that everyone can do. Thus, we bring some easy steps that you can use for safe removal of paint from baseboards for preventing it from any damage with the help of paint stripper.

Step 1: Clean Rags or Newspapers

Before starting off the entire process of removing the paint from the baseboard, you need to ensure that in the course of cleaning a mess, you don’t end up creating another mess. Thus, you are advised to get some clean rags and spread them evenly on the floor below the area of the baseboard that needs to be cleaned.

You can also make use of newspaper but make sure they are spread in double or triple layers for making sure the peeled off paint doesn’t get absorbed in the floors.

Step 2: ​Preparing The Area

First and foremost, you should start off by laying down a few layers of newspapers or cloth for protecting the floor underneath. You can also open up the nearby windows for allowing the air to flow, if possible, or use the fans for keeping the fresh air flowing throughout the room.

Remember, you should always put on the safety goggles and rubber gloves without fail as well as wear long sleeved clothes for safeguarding yourself against the paint.

Step 3: Applying the Stripper

You should make use of a disposable brush for applying the paint stripper. This should be first tried in a small section of the baseboard; it can be applied on a patch of two feet in length.

The next thing you should do is allow the paint stripper to work on the color for a few minutes. The passage of time required by the paint stripper for working might vary depending on the different brand of paint stripper. Thus, you should follow the product instructions carefully.

Step 4: Scraping Off the Paint

You should make use of a paint scraper, rags or a wire brush for wiping off the peeling paint from the baseboard. The newspaper or cloth spread on the floor will catch the entire peeled off paint. The next step is to allow the stripped surfaces to dry out overnight.

The experts suggest making use of paint stripper on a baseboard because it is relatively easy to remove the stubborn paint. The paint stripper is a strong chemical which softens the paint and causes it to peel up. Thus, it becomes possible for scraping away the paint off the baseboard surface.

Step 5: Cleaning Up the Mess

Since you had already placed all the tools and things required for the paint removal off the baseboards on spread newspapers or cloth rags, the entire process of cleaning up the mess becomes easier. It is crucial to clean all the tools and things used for scrapping off the paint to prevent making a mess at another place.

Thus, in a nutshell, if you follow all the steps above diligently and carefully, then removing the paint from the baseboard will not be an uphill task, in spite of how everyone makes it seem to be. Also, do not forget to cherish the experience of paint removal on your own while being engrossed in the technicalities of cleaning the baseboard.

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