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How to Baby-proof with Style

How to Baby-proof with Style

Hey mama! It is time to discuss how to baby-proof with style. You can easily baby-proof your home while preserving your living space. You do not have to sacrifice your style or your hard-earned cash. Baby-proofing your home does not mean you need to lose your design aesthetic. You do not have to accept a plain or even a kindergarten-themed home just because you are having a baby or have small children. Instead, you can still feel stylish at home by following a few tips and tricks.

There is a happy medium between child safety and fabulous interior design. Pay attention as we cover beautiful child safety items that should be on your registry as well as tips on how to preserve your living space so that you will know exactly how to baby-proof with style. So many other guides focus on baby-proofing without recognizing that many moms want to baby-proof with style. If you are already a mom or a mom-to-be, this guide is for you. Learn how to baby-proof with style!


One of the biggest mistakes moms make when creating their baby registry is that they focus too much on the newborn stage. This phase of babyhood requires much less attention to child safety in comparison to the years in which your child is mobile. That’s right, when your tiny swaddled infant is nestled safely in your arms, they are much less likely to require the wide range of items you will need later when they can climb, grab, jump, and reach during those toddler years.

To get the most out of your registry, plan ahead and register for these child safety items because in just a blink of an eye, that little tiny newborn will be a toddler. By thinking ahead, you will save yourself time, money, and energy. These must-have child-safety items beautifully blend in with your home and ensure that you are prepared to baby-proof with style. When shopping for specific child-safety products, One Step Ahead has so many amazing child safety and home storage solutions that are quite pleasant to look at.  The Land of Nod also offers many stylish options. As always, I look to Amazon for great prices on the same or similar products.

TIP 1: Keep your breakable and important items out of reach

Shelves are your new best friend. You can still display photos and vases on the top, but place sturdier items below that can’t harm baby. Use pretty matching baskets to keep items from looking cluttered and make sure you shelving is secured to the wall or built in. You can create an organized storage solution where mom’s items go up top and kids stuff hangs below. This ensures your child wont be able to access what’s in your purse while keeping you sane since you know where everything goes.

TIP 2:  Do you cringe at the thought of covering your hard wood floors with colorful rubber safety mats?

Now you don’t need to worry because you can buy mats that are designed to blend in with the natural wood of your floors. You can purchase these tiles on Amazon by clicking here to order 9 square feet of tile by Tadpoles. These are soft yet durable and easy to clean.


Finding ways to conceal storage can be a design challenge. My favorite way to organize toys is to find toy bins that match your furniture so toys in your living room can be easily cleaned up and hide in plain sight. The Land of Nod has beautiful wooden toy bins that easily match your decor like these wooden toy bins. By keeping small toys off the floor, you reduce your risk of tripping, falling, and injuring your feet. Trust me, stepping on a Lego piece at 2 am really hurts. The idea of your child keeping their toys in their room is a myth. The truth is, toys, especially small toys end up in every room of your home. So you need a plan to keep those suckers at bay. Do it with style.


Outlet plugins and socket safety is a must with small children and infants. Hideous outlet plugs are a thing of the past. Now you can purchase clear plastic outlet plugins to prevent tiny fingers from electrical shock. These safety items are clear so they are virtually invisible yet extremely effective at protecting your darling child. When your outlets are in use, you still need to protect baby. Try this Cable Management Box by Baskiss because it  not only restricts access to the socket, but this wall mountable neutral colored device, hides the eyesore of multiple wires hanging from the outlet. The power strip cover locks so baby can’t access the plugs and this sturdy protective device costs less than $10 which is so worth it for the peace of mind.


Did you know that approximately 3,000 kids are injured or killed by falling furniture and televisions each year? You can prevent this from happening by anchoring your furniture with safety guards and straps. You can protect your child from a falling flat screen for less than $10 by purchasing this Anti-tip TV strap set directly from Amazon.


It is likely that when you were a child, the safety gates used in your home were hideously crafted with cheap wood and plastic. Don’t fret, today’s safety gates look like they were built into your home to match the design and architecture.

Trust me, when your baby starts becoming mobile, you need a safety gate for your child’s protection and your sanity. Instead of spending the same amount on a hideous gate, opt for this BabyDan Premier True Pressure Fit Safety Gate that is functional and pleasant to look at.


I hope you enjoyed these baby-proofing tips that maximize safety while aligning with your personal interior design style. See, you can preserve your living space to maximize style and safety. These are just the basics and not a comprehensive baby-proofing list.