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Category: Woodworking

The Templet Collar Guide (Guide Bush)

Collar guides are one or 2 piece rings that surround the router bit. They’re often screwed to the router subbase, or in some cases, to the base casting. Most are sandwiched (PC/DW) on a subbase. In the example shown, the ….

Morticing With a Router

Why bother with a mortice? Without it, furniture joinery would be compromised. The mortice and tenon Is the connection of choice in framed ware of all sorts, especially tables and seating. The joint resists tension (when glued) and twist, and ….


Most of the important principles of routing are not about routing or routers! Rather, they are about understanding and managing the materials to be routed. Routers, due to their precision and bizarre secondary and tertiary reference systems, have put a ….

Types of Woodworking Benches

Regardless of whether they’re woodworkers by passion or by career. So long as they put their hands to work and turn blocks of wood into beautiful pieces of art, a bench is the starting point of everything. It’s where furniture, ….

Understanding Router Table

80% of all routing can be done on the router table; some guys do “it” all on the table, others are convinced the hand router is all they need. To be sure, there are times when one method is preferred ….

Basic Guide to Woodworkers Hardware

Woodworking is an enjoyable activity that requires patience, dedication and a whole lot of imagination. If you’re the sort of person who likes working with your hands and see yourself working away in a woodshop to the sound of grinders ….