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Category: Guide

Wire-Feed Welding Basics

Small wire-feed welders are fine for repairing your lawn mower or barbecue grill, but with a little creativity, you can make them do a lot more. Building a project such as furniture for your home and deck, or a fixture ….

How Do I Choose the Right Saw Blade?

This is the question that seems to come up with anyone who isn’t the most advanced of users. In carbide circular saw blades, there are so many options, so many designs and configurations it’s overwhelming to some, especially those who ….

5 Tips to Boost Your Home’s Curb Appeal

The first step to selling a home is getting potential buyers inside—and the very best way to entice them in is to wow them from the street. Here are a few simple, low-cost projects that can make a huge difference ….


Most of the important principles of routing are not about routing or routers! Rather, they are about understanding and managing the materials to be routed. Routers, due to their precision and bizarre secondary and tertiary reference systems, have put a ….

9 Tips for Working on DIY Projects Alone

Many DIYers like to work alone. You head for your garage or shop on a Saturday morning long before the family is awake, and you have the time to yourself. For me, working alone is a way to unwind, collect ….

Basic Guide To Ready To Use Wood Glue

For most woodworking projects, you can successfully use one of the three main types of ready-to-use wood glues. Each type has unique characteristics that make it suitable for some woodworking applications, but not for others. Let’s take a look at ….

How to Install a Yard Light Post

Besides welcoming guests and helping to ensure a safe walk to your door, good exterior lighting deters prowlers. Most homes have at least one exterior light mounted near the front door. The illumination is useful near the house, but it ….

9 Ways to Save Money on Your Renovation Project

I’ve seen some really odd advice for saving money on renovations. Lots of places suggest doing site cleanup yourself, which might work, except that cleaning up as they work is a sign of a good contractor: if you have to ….

Ladder Safety for DIY Projects

Ladders and scaffolding are the two most popular solutions to working on projects we can’t reach from the ground, but they can be dangerous when used improperly. Every DIYer has used a ladder at one time or another and probably ….