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Category: Guide

Swimming Pool Safety: Layers of Protection

Owning a backyard swimming pool can provide years of enjoyment and fun-filled recreation for your family and friends. As a responsible pool owner, it’s your job to ensure that your pool is as safe as possible. The best way to ….

How to Baby-proof with Style

Hey mama! It is time to discuss how to baby-proof with style. You can easily baby-proof your home while preserving your living space. You do not have to sacrifice your style or your hard-earned cash. Baby-proofing your home does not ….

DIY Die Cutting for Dad with A Letterpress Printer

The technique of die cutting is employed in various industries for cutting thin flat materials (like paper) into particular shapes making use of a steel cutting die. A die cutting equipment can be employed for punching out decorative patterns or ….

How to Drill Metal

Drilling is an essential aspect of most metalworking projects. Whether you’re boring holes for bolts, drilling out broken fasteners or removing spot welds for automotive disassembly, understanding the basics of this process can make the difference between success and failure. ….

Choosing the Best Chain Saw

Nothing beats the power and speed of a chain saw for felling a tree, sectioning branches or cleaning up storm damage. This tool is designed to do one thing — cut through wood fast — and it does it well. ….

Wire-Feed Welding Basics

Small wire-feed welders are fine for repairing your lawn mower or barbecue grill, but with a little creativity, you can make them do a lot more. Building a project such as furniture for your home and deck, or a fixture ….

How Do I Choose the Right Saw Blade?

This is the question that seems to come up with anyone who isn’t the most advanced of users. In carbide circular saw blades, there are so many options, so many designs and configurations it’s overwhelming to some, especially those who ….

5 Tips to Boost Your Home’s Curb Appeal

The first step to selling a home is getting potential buyers inside—and the very best way to entice them in is to wow them from the street. Here are a few simple, low-cost projects that can make a huge difference ….


Most of the important principles of routing are not about routing or routers! Rather, they are about understanding and managing the materials to be routed. Routers, due to their precision and bizarre secondary and tertiary reference systems, have put a ….