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Best Steam Cleaners of 2021

Best Steam Cleaners of 2021

Home steam cleaners are increasing in popularity due to the increased awareness of the healthy benefits of cleaning with steam. Not only do you save money using a steam cleaner, but you also save the environment. Vapor steam cleaners boil ordinary tap water turning it into a powerful sanitizing vapor steam that can clean and disinfect a variety of home surfaces, including children’s toy’s. They help sanitize and disinfect a variety of surfaces killing dust mites, mold, germs, spores & bacteria. Steam cleaners can tackle almost any job! The best steam cleaners provide deep non toxic chemical free cleaning using only the power of steam.

Best Steam Cleaner UK 2021


Why Use Steam Cleaners

Why use steam cleaners UK
Here’s why you might want to buy a steam cleaner:

  • Steam cleaner makes use of heated water for cleaning purposes.
  • It is less expensive than using soap, detergents and cleaning agents.

More Effective

  • The steam cleaner usually looks like vacuum cleaners but, do be careful as they can get really hot (heated vapor!).
  • The water needs to be heated to as high as 200 degrees in order for the steam cleaner to clean your desired area effectively.
  • The heated vapor can get through surfaces much better since it will break the bond of the stain and dirt, hence being more efficient than vacuum cleaners.
  • Alternatively, dry steam can be produced which allows you to spray it on surfaces before wiping the dirt away with an ordinary towel.

Safer/ Less Chemicals

  • Generally, standard cleaning equipment will utilize cleansing chemicals to ensure clean and hygienic surfaces.
  • Now, whether you have a family or not, these may be harmful to us, endangering our lungs and perhaps even our brains!
  • Steam cleaners do not make use of any chemicals.
  • In fact, the heat itself can prevent the growth and development of viruses and germs!

No Smell

  • ALL and I mean, ALL my customers are 100% satisfied with the odorless after effect (since there will be no strong chemical odor after cleaning)!


  • Whether you want to use it for home or for commercial use, it is your choice!
  • It can be used for carpet, hard floor, foul odor by pet urine, stains in restaurants, schools, medical facilities, colleges, mirrors, sliding glass doors, car windows, kitchen sinks, bathroom, anywhere!

How to Pick the Best Steam Cleaner

Understanding the difference between a vapor steam cleaner and a carpet extraction steam cleaner is important. Vapor steam cleaners don’t suck. Carpet extraction steam cleaners actually spray hot water mixed with a chemical cleaning solution onto carpets and then using suction, remove the water in an effort to clean the carpet. Although some vapor steam cleaners do have suction capabilities, most are able to disinfect and clean by emitting dry vapor steam that leaves the area disinfected without being soaked. Here is a guide to finding the best steam cleaner that suits your needs.

Types of Steam Cleaners

  1. Canister Steam Cleaner – Rolls around on wheels and usually comes with a long hose with different head attachments. These are heavy duty and they can clean many areas in the house with their higher power and bigger tank.
  2. Handheld Steam Cleaner (Portable) – Smaller and easier to carry around. Naturally, they will be less powerful than your regular steam cleaner but the portable steam cleaner is great for those on a budget and/or for those who only look to perform smaller jobs on smaller areas.

What kind of safety features does the Steam Cleaner have?

Safety features are extremely important and should be given appropriate attention. Beware of steam cleaners without safety features. A lack of safety features could cause substantial damage to home, life, and property. Steam Cleaners Plus provides high quality steam cleaners with ETL safety approval ratings.

How much pressure does the Vapor Steam Cleaner generate?

Most residential and light commercial vapor steam cleaners operate at low pressures normally 50-65 psi. By providing steam at a constant low pressure, the steam is able to loosen dirt and penetrate the pores of surfaces providing intense cleaning abilities.

What is the temperature of vapor steam that is emitted?

Steam temperature is important for cleaning effectiveness. Mid-range to high-end residential units normally have steam temperature that ranges between 200 to 300 degrees Fahrenheit. A higher temperature means an increase in cleaning effectiveness. Lower temperatures are still effective in cleaning and killing harmful germs, however, lower temperatures mean a longer cleaning time.

Is the Vapor Steam Cleaner easy to fill? What about refilling?

Make sure the steam cleaners you purchase comes with a durable funnel for filling, or has an opening large enough for you to easily fill with water.

What type of attachments/cleaning tools are included?

Quality cleaning tools can make your job easier and provide effective sanitizing results in less time. It’s important to find a vapor steam cleaner that includes durable cleaning tools and attachments that can be used in a variety of ways.

What is the start up time before the cleaner is ready for use?

The last thing you want to do is to have to wait 20 minutes before you can begin to clean. Many vapor steam cleaners can shine in one area but fall extremely short when it comes to having a quick start up time. Look for a unit with a quick start up time which is normally considered 5 minutes or less.

What is the boiler made of?

Boiler construction is important for durability and also for performance. Stainless steel boilers are rust resistant and enable the machine to heat up quickly. Other types of boilers require longer heating times and become corroded with calcium and other mineral deposits much more quickly.

Do I still have to use chemicals when I clean?

The principle idea behind vapor steam cleaners is to allow the consumer to clean chemical free. Please be aware, however, that cleaning results will vary according to the steam cleaner quality and the item you are trying to clean. You may find it necessary to use chemicals to assist in the cleaning process. We recommend looking for products that are environmentally friendly and mild to the skin.

Cooling-off Period

Steam cleaners need time to cool down before you can open the boiler tank for refilling. So, for safety, DO NOT RUSH to refill! However, a good steam cleaner would have two water tanks. You can then refill water any time without having that delay. Of course, it comes with a cost.

Water Level Gauge

While this feature is useful, it is not really necessary. Some customers told us that this may not be a very important factor when considering which steam cleaner to buy unless they are having a hard time deciding between two just-as-good models!

How To Use Steam Cleaner

Using a Steam Cleaner
There are a few general guidelines when you use a steam cleaner:

1) If the vapor is hot, let it steam at a lower volume
2) Always start cleaning from the least dirty area. Then, move towards the dirtiest surface.
3) Before handling large areas, use your steam cleaner to do the edging and detail first
4) Remember to look at where you are steam cleaning. Think about how the heat affects the desired surface

Now, we will move on to the different types of surfaces which a steam cleaner can clean:


For vinyl tile or sheet goods, I found that by sweeping or vacuuming beforehand helps a lot. Nozzle brushes are good for corners and baseboards. Cover area by area using continuous motions.

For ceramic tile grout, it is mostly the same except that to finish, flip a towel beneath the brush to finish the wipe
For smooth concrete, is it the generally the same. Additionally, if your areas are heavily soiled, use a triangle brush.


If you are maintaining your rug, a medium volume of the steam cleaner should do. First vacuum, then pre-steam with the triangle brush above the surface. Then attach the towel to the large brush and wipe in two directions (wipe the second at a right angle to the first)

If you are spot-cleaning, a medium-high volume of the steam cleaner would be a better bet. When using steam gun or nozzle on the spots, stay 4 to 6 inches from the carpet surface. Blot immediately until dry but do not overheat!

Walls & Ceilings

For houses with interior from wallpaper, paint, paneling or acoustical tile, use a low volume because they are heat sensitive. Try to use 3 layers of towel on brushes when cleaning surfaces. Do not re-steam the same area but let it cool off in its own time. The key is to work quickly!

For vents, a medium to high volume should be reasonable. Use a large brush and towel to wipe the vent surface. If necessary, pre-clean with extended nozzle.


If you want to clean stove or oven tops, a low to medium volume is optimum. The large nozzle brush with stainless steel pad is great for the surfaces and oven racks while the brass nozzle brush should do just fine for tight areas.

For sinks, faucets or the drain, make the most out of the nozzle to reach into tight areas.


To clean the tile and grout, do not use a towel but use a nozzle brush or the triangle brush to clean the grout, rinse or wipe clean.

For the shower stalls and doors, the triangle brush alone can remove heavy soap scum from glass panels. Alternatively the large nozzle brush can perform just as good a job too!

Remember to rinse your tools often! This will no doubt go a long way in helping you to maximize your steam cleaner!