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Best Inflatable Fishing Boats

Best Inflatable Fishing Boats

Inflatable boats can be the perfect amount of fun you need for your water sport activities. Imagine the possibilities of taking a leisurely troll across your favorite water spot. Being able to relax on a warm, sunny spring day while other inflatable boats are giving their owners a hard time is well worth shopping for just the right boat.

While friends are spending ten to twenty thousand dollars for a metal or fiberglass boat, you will find that inflatable boats are easy on the wallet and just as much fun for those that like to enjoy getting out on the water for personal fun, fishing or hunting. If you like to fish, but dread dragging that heavy old boat down to the lake, consider the benefits of an inflatable small fishing boat as an enjoyable option.

Some other tremendous benefit of inflatable boats are that you can store them in a corner of your garage or even an extra bedroom when not inflated. This is a great option to be able to get out on the lake on the weekends without the need of a lot of space to store a solid hull boat. Keep your car in the garage and put your boat on a shelf!

Best Inflatable Boats UK 2021

Quality inflatable boats aren’t just oversized pool rafts. They are made with thick, reinforced fabric with several air chambers in most designs for security and stability. Many models can carry up to 7 adults and several boats have the ability to mount a trolling motor and even upwards of a 40 hp outboard motor. Just perfect for people looking for a recreational or small fishing boat that is within financial reach of most buyers.

Finding the best inflatable boats is fast and simple online. Several of the best manufacturers sell direct only from their catalog or website. Shipping is easy because most of the inflatable boats come in 2-3 average sized boxes that transport well. Learn more about the different types of inflatable boats and several quality manufacturers, like Sea Eagle, that ship direct to consumers, saving the buyer time and money.

What to Consider When Purchasing an Inflatable Dive Boat

best inflatable boats ukInflatable Raft versus Rigid Hull

You’re ready to take the plunge (so to speak!). After several years of relying on the goodwill of friends or local diving tours you have decided that you’re ready to purchase your very own inflatable dive boat. Now what to look for! You started your research and here’s some of the information that you found on the differences between an inflatable raft versus a rigid hull inflatable dive boat.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Each:

  • An inflatable raft dive boat is cheaper and when equipped with the right type of floor allows you to place your tanks regulators etc. in the boat with confidence. They are not as fast as a rigid hull boat because of their design and smaller engine capacity. For casual divers in small groups they are ideal. If the groups are too large you would be short of space.
  • A rigid hull inflatable dive boat is more expensive than a inflatable raft type inflatable boat but it is cheaper than a traditional boat. Transportation is more difficult than a raft which can be transported in the trunk of a car but easier than a traditional boat which is heavier.

That is all very well and good to say, but what other features should I be looking for? You continue your research and uncover the following must have/should have features.

They Are:

  • A large open deck so that divers can gear up and not get in each others way. This is a function of how many people are regularly diving with you and how much you are able to spend to get a boat that is the proper size.
  • A Low center of gravity is always important in any boat. This is usually not a huge issue with these types of inflatable craft. Ask yourself if you will be able to store your heavy gear low in order to keep the center of gravity at the proper place for high speed maneuvering while traveling to your diving destination and move around the boat easily.
  • Tough construction of the tubes for long life and resistance to punctures from your diving gear.
  • The proper floor is important for wear and tear from heavy diving equipment. Some inflatable diving boats offer better than average flooring for the diving market.
  • A place to secure heavy equipment is important. Is there a convenient and safe place that allows easy movement around the boat and secure equipment storage? If you are a diver you need an inflatable dive boat that allows you to transport your gear easily and securely. You don’t want to worry when placing your tanks and regulators in the boat that you’re going to cause damage to either the boat or your equipment. Your equipment needs to be secured low in the boat in order to not impact the handling or performance while at full speed.

The above while just a taste of the research that you need to do is a good place to start when searching for your inflatable dive boat.