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The Best Hacksaw in UK for All-Purpose

The Best Hacksaw in UK for All-Purpose

A hacksaw is mainly used for cutting metals. Most hacksaws are hand saws with a frame that holds a blade under tension. Such hacksaws have a handle, usually with a pistol grip and pins for attaching a narrow disposable blade. The frames could also be adjusted to accommodate blades of various sizes. A screw or similar mechanism is used to put the thin blade under tension.

On hacksaws, the blade is mounted with the teeth facing away from the handle, resulting in cutting action on either the pull or push stroke. In routine use, cutting vertically downwards with the work held in a bench vise, hacksaw blades are set to be facing towards the bench. Standard hacksaw blade lengths are 10 to 12 inches (250 to 300 mm), though blades can be as small as 6 inches (150 mm). The blade you choose depends upon the thickness of the material being cut.

Things to look out for when choosing the best hacksaw for yourself

Hacksaw frames

There are two types of frames available – fixed and adjustable. The frame is the most important factor in choosing a hacksaw among the myriads of options available in the market today. The sturdiness of material used, the grip provided, the pins and nuts to secure the blade and create the required tension in the blade; all these contribute to making of a great hacksaw and excellent user satisfaction.

Hacksaw Blades

There are various types of hacksaw blades, depending upon the job at hand. They are:

  • Regular Hacksaw Blade: This is the most popular and comes as standard with most hacksaws. Primarily used for cutting low-strength metals, including pure aluminum and tin.
  • Raker Hacksaw Blade: The distinct characteristic of this blade is its teeth, which appears in groups of three. Usually used for cutting iron pipes and other hard materials.
  • Wavy Hacksaw Blade: It is used for cutting strong types of metals into thin strips. The teeth is in a wave form, running from left to right.
Two types of blades are available in the market today: High carbon steel blades, which are generally used for cutting and sawing. The high-speed blades are sturdier, lasts longer but expensive.

Teeth per inch (TPI)

Every hacksaw blade comes in measurement of teeth per inch or TPI, which refers to the number of teeth present in one inch of the blade. There are four standard TPIs available in the market today. They are –

  • 14 TPI Hacksaw Blade: The huge gap between the teeth helps in cutting thicker metals of at least 1.8 mm thickness.
  • 18 TPI Hacksaw Blade: The gap between the teeth is large and helps in cutting thick metals of at least 1.4 mm thickness.
  • 24 TPI Hacksaw Blade: With medium-sized gap between teeth, this is used for cutting metals of thickness of 1.1 mm.
  • 32 TPI Hacksaw Blade: Ideal for cutting metals of 0.8 mm thickness since the gaps between the teeth are narrow and suitable for thinner metals.

Adjusting the tension

Most of the hacksaws have adjusting wing nuts, which creates the right amount of tension on the cutting blade for quick and better results.

Reversing the blade: Sometimes, to reach a particular spot for cutting or using uni-direction, requires your blade
to be reversed.

Securing the blade: It’s very important that the pins on either side of the hacksaw handle are sturdy enough to
secure the blades in place, irrespective of the type.

Blades are the consumable in this line of activity. Taking care of your blades, storage and protection goes a long way in this regard. Using the wrong type of blade for a set of activity or creating larger tensile strength, vis-à-vis the quality of blade, may lead to damage and wastage of this resource.

Best Hacksaws in UK 2021

There are various hacksaw products in the market today. We have scoured various sites and have brought together some of the best products that have been tried and tested by users world over. Here are some of the best Hacksaw products available on the market.

1. Bahco 319 Hacksaw Frame
Best Circular Saws UK
The professional 12 inch/ 300 mm hacksaw frame comes with 1 free blade and weighs 0.558 kg. Brief description of the frame –
  • The product is lightweight two component frame with steel core. This is a strong steel frame covered with protective dual component plastic.
  • Well balanced for straight cutting, with no protruding parts for better accessibility and compact design for ease of use.
  • Also allows flush cutting with alternative 55 degree pin mount
  • Tensioning mechanism integrated in the handle, which is comfortable non-slip front and back grip, which ensures positive handling and control.
  • Comes with Sandflex bi-metal 18 TPI free blade
  • Comes in multi colour
  • Dimension of the hacksaw frame is 39 x 14 x 3 cm
  • The handle is actually very comfortable to hold and keeps your hand in right orientation for straight cutting, both front and back.
  • The strong frame maintains the tensile strength of the blade for smooth operation, with the tensiling unit integrated in the front handle.
  • The quality of the free blade supplied is much better than the ones normally provided
  • Is light-weight but sturdy
  • The tensiling steel nut is set on plastic, which might give way in the future, after constant use
  • 18 TPI blade supplied with this frame can take care of metals of thickness of at least 1.4 mm and above. Precision cutting for thinner materials would be an issue with this blade
  • Limited to an alternate 55 degree pin mount for flush cutting
2. Stanley 020108 FatMax 5-in-1 Hacksaw
Best Circular Saws UK
This Stanley hacksaw is an extremely robust, multi-purpose engineering tool with following features:
  • Has a lightweight frame
  • 100 kg blade tension and five positions – 45 and 90 degree standard blade positions, two pad saw positions and one 45 degree access saw position. Can be used in very tight positions
  • It has blade storage feature for additional blades inside the frame
  • Measures 300 mm (12 inches) in length.
  • Comes with Stanley 24 TPI high speed blade
  • Weight of the hacksaw is 0.998 kgs
  • Blade can be fixed to the front of the frame for inside cuts
  • When working in difficult spaces, the front section of the frame could be removed
  • Comes in multi-colour
  • Dimension of the product is 43 x 3.5 x 19 cm
  • The grip is very comfortable and you don’t develop sore spots on your hand after lengthy use
  • Blade storage facility helps in storing your blade and avoiding damage or loss during non-use
  • The locking devices are sturdy and 5 blade positions are extremely useful during complex sawing
  • Some users found the hacksaw a bit heavy, and got used only after prolonged use
  • User manual or instruction booklet, to use the 5 different blade positions and hacksaw features, would have helped those, who are not technically inclined.
  • Blade fixing mechanism and tensile apparatus difficult to manage without additional tools
3. Stanley Dynagrip Heavy Duty Hacksaw 1 20 110
Best Circular Saws UK
This bi-metal frame designed for extra cutting capacity, quick blade change and improved grip for both accurate and comfortable sawing. Brief product details as follows:
  • This heavy duty hacksaw weighs 2.43 kgs
  • The dimension is 17.7 x 11.9 x 1.3 cms
  • Comes in multi-colour
  • The Stanley turbocut design helps the Dynagrip Hacksaw with accurate an comfortable sawing
  • Durable bi-metal frame designed for extra cutting capacity and to withstand heavy duty usage
  • Patented tensioning device allows adjustment and memory of the tension upto 80 kgs.
  • Blades can be stored inside frame
  • Stanley 24 TPI bi-metal free 12 inch blade
  • The blades can be changed easily
  • Spare blade storage in the handle is useful
  • Different angle blade fixing at 90 and 45 degree helps in multiple sawing options
  • Most found the grip quite comfortable
  • Some users found the hacksaw a bit heavy, and got used only after prolonged use
4. Bahco 10-24-23 Bowsaw 24 in
Best Circular Saws UK
Bowsaw frame developed according to the scientific ERGO process. The features of this hacksaw are:
  • Design for demanding applications and tough environment like construction sites
  • Better and stronger blade fitting for easy and safe blade changes
  • Weighs 0.748 kgs
  • Dimension of the hacksaw is 73.3 x 24 x 2.9 cms
  • Comes in multi-colour
  • Lightweight yet heavy duty bowsaw for all round use
  • The integrated, ergonomic handle with its built-in handle guard, protects the knuckles
  • Unique mechanism in the handle makes blade changing and tensioning adjustments effortless
  • Sturdy blade fitting and high blade tension make precision cutting easier
  • The bowsaw comes with 24 inch blade, suitable for cutting green and wet wood
  • Handy snap on/off tooth guard, protects the teeth sharpness against injuries and transportation
  • Very easy to hold and saw
  • Minimum effort required to saw thro’ wood
  • Protective knuckle guards very useful
  • Blade protector helps in transportation and avoids injuries
  • The blade provided with the bowsaw lasts quite long
  • Due to lightweight, sawing with raker blade is quite slow
  • The knuckle guard was found to be small, especially if wearing a glove by some
5. Facom FCM601 601 12 inch 300 mm Hacksaw
Best Circular Saws UK
This highly durable hacksaw has the following features:
  • It has an impact resistant frame manufactured from impact resistant steel/ resin
  • High blade tension upto 80 kgs
  • Very comfortable handle
  • Allows two handed use
  • Weighs 0.998 kgs
  • Dimension of this hacksaw is 7.6 x 8.7 x 2 cm
  • Comes in multi-colour
  • Blade length is 12 inches (300 mm), made from bi-metal
  • 24 TPI blade supplied with this frame
  • Well made, light weight and balanced tool
  • Sturdy and easy to change blade and tighten too
  • Cuts straight and easy to handle
  • Very comfortable grip and easy to control
    • This can’t be used for heavy duty sawing
Choose your hacksaw with care. Keep in mind your requirement, budget and then decide which suits you most. Don’t get carried away with technicalities.

If you are looking at a tool for use at home, Bahco 319 Hacksaw Frame & Facom FCM601 601 12 inch 300 mm Hacksaw are good options. They take care of the following:

  • Lightweight but sturdy
  • Cuts thro’ most household materials
  • Easy to change blade and also tighten for tensile strength

If you are in a workshop or a building site, you could opt for Stanley Dynagrip Heavy Duty Hacksaw 1 20 110. This tool would help you handle tough sawing over long period of time. If you have to work in tight spot and require to saw at an angle, we recommend Stanley 020108 FatMax 5-in-1 Hacksaw.

For all your wet log and green wood cutting requirement, Bahco 10-24-23 Bowsaw 24 in is an excellent choice!

Hope this article has helped you in your quest for a suitable hacksaw for your use.