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Best Guide Rail For Circular Saws

Best Guide Rail For Circular Saws

If you have been using a circular saw, you know how difficult is to make accurate cuts with it. Circular saw have a bad reputation for tearing up boards pretty good, even when used properly.  So how can you have a perfect cut with a circular saw?

The answer is you need a best circular saw guide rail that will help you get a clean cut.

Why You Need a Circular Saw Guide Rail

A portable circular saw (or circular saw) plays all their skills only with a matching guide rail. Just as long, perfectly straight and precise cuts are possible, certainly with those of a professional sliding table saw shall be compared.

If you want, for example. Squares or OSB roughly to length, usually sufficient, the base unit. But it comes on every millimeter (and every tenth) of a portable circular saw with guide rail is essential. This is for example often in furniture and interior of the case.

Best Guide Rail for Circular Saws in UK 2021

Advantages of a Guide Rail

  • Extremely precise, straight cut: With an optimally matched to the appropriate circular saw guide rail is obtained straight and accurate cuts, the one who can compare a professional sliding table saw.
  • Splinter-free / tear-free cut edges: Splinter protection available on the guide rail. It Frantz and thus bursts usually do not mind.
  • Workpiece is not scratched: One uses when sawing a guide rail, so you take the saw on this over the workpiece. Damage to the workpiece (e.g., scratches) is thus impossible.
  • Leading edge = cutting edge: One has the guide rail have been set right, then: leading edge = cutting edge.

Disadvantages provide working with a guide rail, in practice, not really.

Components of a Guide Rail for Circular Saw and Their Functions

Depending on the manufacturer and type, circular saw guide rail can vary slightly in their ingredients. The following picture shows all the components that should bring a good guide, to meet all requirements:

1. Foam rubber to prevent slipping

Place the guide rail on the work piece and the cutting this is inaccurate, to prevent slipping; usually, a type of foam rubber is used in strip form under the rail.

2. Guide rib

The guiding rib is the most important element of the track. A slot is located beneath a circular saw guide plate. This slot should be perfectly unfit without play in the guide rib so that the saw is guided by these. When professional circular saw can groove on the underside of the guide plate also finely adjust, so that the rib can set. You can see a Groove, which is used to attach the rail with appropriate clamps or fasteners (below this more) keep of the Guide rib.

3. Splinter shield

The splinter guard is vital to get the splinter-free / tear-free cut edges. This pushes the saw operation immediately next to the edge of the cut on the work piece and thus prevents a from off burst of the brink of the saw.

4. Slide coating

With some guide rails is also a lubricious coating on the rail, which allows optimum sliding of the circular saw on the rail.

How to BUILT Circular Saw Guide Rail?

Here is an awesome video which showed how to build a circular saw guide rail. Watch this video and you will know from top to bottom about the process of building circular saw guide rail.

How to Fix the Circular Saw Guide Rail?

Depending on the work piece, it is sometimes enough, not to repair the guide rail, since it is a rule of existing foam rubber against slipping protects (Note: not recommended).

It is much better to attach the guide rail with suitable clamps. This may vary depending on the model and manufacturer also in different ways. Some guides are periodically small round holes on the rail, in which the clamp fits correctly. It can no longer slip.

In other models, in turn, the clamp is pushed into the groove on the underside of the guide rail and mounted on both sides of the work piece. This ensures optimum grip the rail and also at the same time represent our recommendation.

A third form of fixing a guide rail for circular saw is via so-called quick-release. Some company is very dominant and provides the user with various mounting styles to choose from to as flexible as possible to be in the application. The quick release is carried out also in the groove on the underside of the rail (from both sides) and clamps it were, a. On one of the quick release is a button/lever which clamps the work piece as a caulking gun and thereby fixed.

Guide Rail to Short – What Now?

Guide rails are available in various lengths. For example, from 80 cm to 5 meters. Usual lengths are from 0.70 to 1.60 cm.

If you want to modify a work piece that is larger / longer than the guide rail itself, so you have no chance. Be it because one uses an extension. On most models here requires a connecting piece that is pushed into the groove of the rail. Then two rails can be connected.