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Best Brad Nailers

Best Brad Nailers

Driving nails is no kid’s play when it comes to professional woodworking. The days are gone when we used conventional ways of nailing. Anything that is used to drive the nail in is called a nailer. Brad nailers, a revolution in its field, are not only simple but very very cost-effective at the same time. Any nail drilling is not only tiring but also causes accidents, but using best brad nailers the task becomes easy to handle.

What is Brad Nailer

Brad nail guns also known as brads are thinner gauges nail guns used to effectively attach lightweight trim. Brad nailer is basically a power tool that fires 18-gauge brads. It is an all-around nail-gun that is highly effective for home improvement, upholstery and woodworking. When looking for the ideal nail-gun for your flooring or general works, all you need is to look for the best brad nail guns that work for your specific needs.

There are different types of brad nail guns, each designed for specific tasks. They differ in their performance, capacity and durability. When buying a brad nail-gun for the first time, it can be a real hassle for you to find the best brad nail guns you need. This shopping guide highlights the 5 best-selling brad nail guns to help you with a stress-free shopping.

Best Brad Nailers in UK 2021

1.Tacwise 181ELS 1176 Electric Nail Gun
Best Brad Nail Gun UK
This brand-new release upgrade electric nail-gun is ideal for flooring, paneling, general wood work and insulation applications. It has a capacity for 100 Tacwise or 180 15-35mm nails. It is an all metal electric tacker that incorporates with an upgraded nose release system. The piece has a variety of security features to make it safe and comfortable to use.
Highly Effective
This professional electric nail gun is highly effective and portable. Its lightweight and compact nature makes it easy to handle or use for lengthy period. This nail-gun uses nailing tackers and electric stapling. It is a powerful electric nail-gun performs well on softwood and other home improvement projects.
Easy To Use
Its thin tacks are easy to flex and remove but not ideal for tasks that require them to support lots of weight vertically. Its small rubber caps are essential for protecting the wood from the edge of the nail gun.
Good Price
However, its overall functionality and good price as well as its weight makes it ideal for a large spectrum tasks that require lightweight tacking. The tool is very adequate and effective for attaching 18mm floorboards. The piece is compact enough to keep the boards from shifting. Loading the tacks is very straightforward because all that is needed is to tack them on glued strips.
Safe to Use
To avoid negligent discharge, its power button is located at the base. This also implies its safety when using. It has removable rubber tips that help prevent nails from penetrating too deeply.


  • All metal
  • Fast nose release system
  • Lightweight
  • Highly affordable
  • Safe to use
  • Short electric cord
  • Jams regularly if Tacwise nails and brad not used
2. Silverline 86854450 mm Air Brad Nail-gun
Brad Nailer UK
This is a lightweight brad nail gun made from aluminum. It has a soft grip rubber handle and several safety triggers that prevent accidental firing. This nail-gun fires 18 gauge nails with 10-15mm each.

All-Purpose Tool
It is ideal for home improvement tasks such as trims, mouldings, panels, cabinets, laminate floors and similar jobs. It has been of great effectiveness to use at home, workshop and gardens and make tasks that would be real hassle to be easy and fast.

State-Of-The-Art Tool For The Future
This Silverline nail-gun is so popular in the UK and Europe and it has been professionally designed to meet the current and future demands of its users.

Silverline, which is a leading brand is intentional about safeguarding human rights and the environment while upholding ethical and moral standards. The company runs endless improvement programs to ensure that they release quality tools that are in line with the latest environmental standards.

Easy To Use
This nail-gun is lightweight and easy to use and thus a superb piece for jobs that require a lot of lightweight stacking. Using it on either soft or hard wood barely leaves a mark on your piece unless you press it too hard.

If you are looking for a nail-gun that fires a different length of brads without jamming, this brad nail gun will work well for you. It is also a reliable and robust nail-gun that fires the nails so strongly enough for the task. You can adjust the power by using the dial pads on top of the gun. Its smaller size and light weight makes the gun comfortable to use.

Easy To Use
The gun is very easy to load and remove nails. To use the nail-gun, you don’t have to be a pro. Instructions to use are easy to follow. It requires less maintenance cost. However, do not expect to buy this brad nail gun for heavy duty tasks. The gun is recommended for simpler home improvement tasks that does not require a lot of hard nailing. When you use it for the right task, the nail-gun will serve you for long.


  • Recognized brand
  • Lightweight
  • Safe to use
  • Eco friendly
  • Good price
  • Jams regularly if overused
3. VonHaus Cordless Electric Nail Gun
Best Brad Nailer 2019
This is an ergonomic stapler nail-gun that is ideal for tasks such as household DIY, upholstery, fabrics, roofing, carpeting and underlay among other similar jobs.

Comfortable To Use
If you are looking for an cordless ergonomic brad nail gun with a stapler or nail-gun soft grip and comfortable to use, this is the ideal gun for you. It has a convenient and easy to load magazine and thus ideal for decorating and crafting jobs.

Adjustable Controls
When working with varying materials, you need a nail-gun with adjustable impact controls. This is because the power needed to fire nails on a softwood is not the same you require for hard surfaces. This ensures that you do not leave marks on the wood or the surface you are working on.

No Jamming
This state-of-the-art medium duty cordless nail-gun has a unique anti-jamming mechanism that allows you to do your entire work uninterrupted. It also has a contact switch that aids in preventing accidental firing. The nail-gun has essentials such as 500x staples from 19mm- 32mm.

Enough Power For The Task
When looking for a nail-gun that works great on firing 35mm nail while providing the sufficient power needed without interruption, this gun is ideal for you. The gun has enough power to use for prolonged period without the need to recharge.


  • Easy to use and comfortable on your hands
  • Powerful to use for prolonged period
  • Adjustable compact controls
  • Great price
  • Ant-jamming mechanism
  • Consumable parts like the nose wear out quickly
  • Not suitable for heavy duty tasks
4. Tacwise 50mm Brad Nail-gun
Best Brad Nail Gun
This is an air nail gun DGN50V that is highly functional and durable. If you are a DIYer who likes putting your hands on many things, this could be the next big thing in your bucket list.

Non-Marking Nose
It is a slender nail-gun that uses a non-marking nose that uses a quick release nose plate. It uses tacwise 18G brads and fires type 180/8G nail measuring 20-50mm.

Newer Euro Airline Fittings
Compared to the older style ¼’’ fittings, tacwise 50mm brad nail-gun comes in newer euro airline fittings that are shorter and fatter. This guarantees perfect nail penetration in a wide range of surfaces and wood types.

Great Packaging
The piece comes in a bright orange plastic case along with an alan key and lubricating oil. It has a great package organize that ensures that everything keeps intact to avoid damage.

Easy To Use
This is a powerful brad nail gun that is light and easy to use. The brand is jam free and can work on soft wood as well as hard wood floor. If you don’t want to mess up with hammer or pins, this brilliant small nail-gun can work perfectly on you. When used correctly, it does not leave marks on the surface. It makes your work simpler and enjoyable.
For best results, you need to adjust the pressure so as to limit the force.


  • Non-marking nose
  • Easy penetration on different wood types
  • Light
  • Powerful
  • Easy to use
  • Cheaper
  • End part is plastic which can break when dropped
5. Ryobi One + 18G AirStrike Nail-gun
Best Brad Nail Gun UK
This is an 18v super compact cordless nail gun that does not require a compressor, gas cartridge or air horse to fire. It requires no maintenance.
Easy To Use
This brad nail gun has a less jam release that promotes easy removal of nails. It also has low nail indicator to help you know the right time to re-load.

Added Convenience
Its hook mounts to the right and left side and this is an added convenience to the user. It is nicely weighted and comfortable to use for lengthy period. The pin leaves minimum mess on the surface.
If you are a DIYer looking for an effective, quick and clean nail-gun to use in your home improvement projects, this nail-gun gives you a nice impression to make your work easy and fun-filled.

Cheaper option
When gas guns are too expensive for every hobbyist to afford, this nail-gun by Ryobi becomes the next best option. All you need is a Ryobi battery charger. This powerful tool works for long without slowing down.

Highly functional
This nail-gun is one of the functional pieces with great price. It functions efficiently of the surface while providing maximum protection to the wood surface. It makes work that would be tiresome and bulkier to be easy and full of fun.
It works fast and effectively. It also guarantees comfort and safety to the user.


  • Easy to use
  • Requires minimum maintenance
  • Less jam system
  • Highly functional
  • Comfort on your hands
  • Durable and long lasting
  • Failure to put the right pressure leaves some nails not properly sunken

Types of Brad Nailer

Brad nailers are available in different types depending upon the type of material and use of compressed air. Pneumatic brad nailers use compressed air to shoot the nails precisely and fast. They are considered least expensive of all the types. Another type is electric and galvanic brad nailer. It is costlier than the pneumatic brad nailer and scores high in terms of precision and speed.

Pneumatic brad nailers require regular maintenance activities like oiling and hose replacing. These requirements arise after a considerable usage period; still these are found to be more cost-effective than other types.

An electric brad nailer, obviously, is powered with an electric motor. It produces faster results but is heavier than its pneumatic counterpart. The gun should be handled carefully as the speed with which it shoots nails is really high and can cause injuries on manhandling.

Things to Keep in Mind When Buying A Brad Nail Gun

A brad nail-gun is an all-around nail-gun and a must have thing in every workshop. For fast and efficient indoor trims, moulding around doors and windows, chair rails, baseboards and similar jobs, finding the ideal brad nail gun is recommended. Therefore it is important you keep in mind several aspects to guide your purchase.

What type of brad nail gun do you need?

It all depends on the kind of work you intend to do. Some nail guns are ideal for hardwood floors while others may not perform at their best in such tasks. It is also important to check at the shooting angle and ensure you choose the correct nails for the right task.
To get desirable results, it is important for you to know the difference between brad nail guns and finishing nail-guns. When doing simple upgrades at home or workshop, you definitely require a brad nail-gun or a finish nail-gun. But which one is exactly ideal for the task?

Finding the best quality brad nail gun can be so rewarding for every homeowner or workshop owner who is looking for a state-of-the-art tool to use to make work easy. A quality nail-gun serves you for long without requiring frequent maintenance and replacement.

Durability and performance are key aspects to consider when buying a brad nail gun. You need to purchase a top quality nail-gun from a recognized brand for you to get value for your money. When buying a nail-gun for heavy duty works, you need to find a top performance brand that takes you a long way. Look for a brad nail gun with a durable blade system.

Brad nail guns are available in different material types. For you to find one that works best for you and guarantees you long life, nail-guns made from stainless steel should be consider. They are easy to clean and maintain and they are also rust-free.
Your budget is also a key determinant in your nail-gun purchase. Buy a brad nail gun that matches with your budget but this does not mean you compromise on quality. With guided information, you can find a cheap but great nail-gun piece you need and save money to use on other projects.

The aspect of maintenance is something you cannot ignore. Finding a brad nail gun that is easy to clean and maintain is a great idea. Manufacturer guide is provided to help you know how to clean, store and maintain your nail-gun after use.

What nail size does your tool fires? Nail size is another key aspect to look at. Depending on the type of work you do, you need to find the right nail size. A brad nail gun with low nail indicator and one that is easy to reload nails should be thought of. For convenience of use, check how the belt hook mounts. One that mounts to the right and to the left side is to be considered for added advantage.

Where Do Brad Nailers Find their Best Use?

Brad nailers are best utilized in woodworks that need fine precision. There are certain frames and paintings that may require clamping while drying up the wood glue. Since it leaves very less visible nail head behind, these are very much useful in precision woodwork like paintings, frames and decorative woodcrafts. Brad nailers are used to drill smaller wood pieces. These are utilized in fastening 18 gauge brad nails that are usually having rectangular heads.

What you can use your  Brad Nailer For:

  • To free up clamps – all you have to do is dab on some glue to the clamp and pull together, then you can punch in a few clamps at the desired place and remove the clamp and move on to the next job!
  • High-speed assembly of items – you may have a doll house or bird house or any other small to large scale project that you need to put together in a flash and have it functional as soon as you are done. Gluing your project would probably get messy and you would have to wait for a while for it to dry depending on the complexity of the piece. Thanks to your gauge brad nailer you do not have to fuss. Just pull out your instructions, get a steady hand to help you if you are working on a large project, match your pieces and with a punch or maybe a couple punches, you will be ready to assemble your next piece. And the best part of it all is that you can use your project right away and not have to worry about sturdiness or durability.
  • Non stick, stack cutting – this is usually done by placing double sided tape on pieces that are required to be held together for cutting in a pile instead of cutting the pieces one by one. Adjoining these pieces with double sided tape as you know can turn out to be very time consuming.  When using the 18 gauge brad nailer however you can just punch a couple of times across and then cut in the desired location. You will get a clean cut every time and will save time trying to stack the pieces together. You will need to ensure though that you fire the brads into a section of the work piece that you will not be using. This will help limit waste of time as well as waste of material.
  • To strengthen mitered joints – a mitered joint is one like that which is found on a picture frame. The grains of each piece of wood that meet in the corner are faced in a way which is described as “end grain to end grain”. An 18 gauge brad nailer will enable you to make joints like this, seamlessly and without any evidence of the brad being noticeable. This will help your creativity as you will not need to purchase those readymade pieces, you can do it yourself and add personal touches in the type of wood and color that you use.
  • Lessens the likelihood of splitting wood – this is pretty much self explanatory. Even though the brad enters the wood with a certain amount of force, because it is small it will not split the wood, and if it does it won’t be that noticeable. No matter how small your piece is you can rest assured that it will not be destroyed by putting an 18 gauge brad nailer to it.