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Best Bathroom Extractor Fan

Best Bathroom Extractor Fan

Our bathrooms can be a breeding ground for molds and other fungus because it’s undoubtedly the most humid place in our house. An extractor fan is designed to take care of this issue as it can suck the damn air and odor from the inside and push it outside. So, we are going to take a look at the best bathroom extractor fans available nowadays.

Best Top 5 Bathroom Extractor Fan in UK 2021

Airflow iCON ECO 15 240V 100mm Extractor Fan Outlet

Best Bathroom Extractor Fan
The Airflow iCON ECO 15 240V 100mm Extractor Fan Outlet has a new generation look to it, and it performs fabulously as if there’s no tomorrow. As advertised, it does a flawless job of eliminating bad odor, humidity, airborne contamination, and foggy mirror syndrome like nobody’s business. Basically, this bathroom extractor fan has both style and substance to it. The best part is that it installs quickly, and it stays relatively quiet during operation. Furthermore, this thing closes on its own, when it’s turned off. Frankly speaking, it’s a joy to watch this thing close slowly in about 50-60 seconds.

The Good Things:

  • The Airflow iCON ECO fan meets the necessary building regulations for additional ventilation.
  • It looks good enough to suit most modern homes, and it can fit even in the smallest imaginable space for bathroom fan fitting.
  • Quite often, this product appears in trade magazines, which should tell you that this isn’t a mediocre bathroom fan.
  • To distinguish this bathroom extractor fan from the masses, the company also offers a 3-year warranty on it.

The Bad Things:

    -It’s a bit more expensive than its peers. But then, it’s totally worth the extra bucks because of how good it is.

Envirovent SIL100T Silent-100T Axial Silent Extractor Fan

Best Bathroom Extractor Fan UK

The Envirovent SIL100T Silent-100T Axial Silent Extractor Fan comes tantalizingly close to being an ideal product in the bathroom extractor fan category, which should explain why it’s a top-selling bathroom fan. For those who don’t know, this thing operates at an impressive rate of 96 cubic meters per hour. Therefore, one won’t have to worry about steam and condensation in the bathroom. Believe it or not, this fan has the highest extraction rate for any product in the 4” axial fan domain. Better still, it’s one of the quietest ones out there. Also, this product is CE approved, which indicates conformity with environmental and safety standards.

The Good Things:

  • Compared to equivalents, this extractor fan consumes lesser energy. At the same time, it vents like a champ.
  • Considering how well-made this extractor fan is, it won’t go bust very soon. This thing is built for many years of service.
  • You won’t believe how quiet this fan is. You might have to actually remind yourself that it’s turned on.

The Bad Things:

  • Other than the fact that you will have to spend a bit more for a quality fan, there are no noteworthy flaws in this bathroom fan.

Manrose QF100T Quiet Extractor Fan

Best Bathroom Extractor Fan 2020

The Manrose QF100T Quiet Extractor Fan is an amazing and efficient product that doesn’t cost a bomb. It moves more airflow than the competition. Moreover, this thing is not overly difficult to fit. The fan also has a timer on it, which means that you can start the unit, set the timer, and forget about it. Keep in mind that Manrose is a great brand in this field. So, you won’t get a piss performing extractor fan from them. The limitless number of positive reviews says it all. Believe it or not, the fan’s suction power is truly unbeatable for its size and price.

The Good Things:

  • This unit is almost half the size of other bathroom extractor fans out there, and it sits much better on the wall.
  • The quiet aspect of this fan is not debatable. As advertised, this thing actually runs pretty quietly.
  • Unlike the competition, it doesn’t take a lot of trial and error to set the timer on this fan.
  • A little cleaning every few weeks is all you need to keep this fan working like new for a long time.

The Bad Things:

  • It lacks LED lights. For an extractor fan of this quality and standard, it seems like a surprising omission.

Xpelair C4TS 4″/100mm Simply Silent Contour Extractor Fan

Xpelair C4TS 4

If you are after a modern-looking extractor fan that performs phonemically well, feel free to take a shot at the Xpelair C4TS Contour Extractor Fan. This fan gets the intended job done without using too much electricity. Keep in mind that you can set this unit to high or low speed, depending on your specific needs. At high speed, the airflow is audible only in the bathroom at the time of use. You will hear no sound outside the bathroom. Also, this fan is more effective at removing bathroom stream, moisture, and condensation than other similar extractor fans out there.

The Good Things:

  • This unit is compact enough to fit smaller size bathrooms without any difficulty.
  • The makers offer a two-year warranty on this extractor fan for customer’s safety and happiness.
  • Most customer reviews suggest that they are super happy with the product’s performance.

The Bad Things:

  • The installation instructions are not perfect. On the bright side, it’s not overly difficult to install this extractor fan.

Greenwood Airvac AXS100TR Toilet/Bathroom Extractor Fan

Best Bathroom Extractor Fan

The Greenwood Airvac AXS100TR Toilet/Bathroom Extractor Fan works as it should. Yes, it operates efficiently, and it’s economically available as well. Therefore, you won’t feel the need to drop a lot of money to acquire this extractor fan. Not to mention that it copes up with steam, condensation, and other bathroom bothering elements every well. Also, the motor on this unit is solid enough to work for many years without any issues. Yes, this one can go the distance. Seriously, this unit is so good for its price that you may be tempted to buy more for other rooms.

The Good Things:

  • Installing this extractor fan shouldn’t take more than 15-20 minutes. For a product of its nature, it’s damn easy to fit.
  • Unlike the competition, this thing will work even with your regular room light switch.
  • Once switched off, it doesn’t take forever for the fan to stop running like you often see with cheaper models.

The Bad Things:

  • It’s not the quietest fan in this discussion. That said, the noise level is definitely tolerable.

Choosing The Right Extractor Fan For Bathroom

Some careful thought is needed when choosing and fitting the right extractor fans, whether for the bathroom or kitchen. Failure to take some initial thought over what you actually need to buy will almost certainly result in you buying and fitting the wrong one, and then having the expense of removing it and then fitting a new one. Extractor fans have different sizes and capacity levels, and can each shift different volumes of air – so you need to ensure you’re buying something fit for purpose!

Check the capacity of the fan – i.e. the volume of air it’s capable of shifting

Firstly you need to ensure that you buy a fan that has sufficient capacity to withdraw enough air from the room that you are putting it in, either to remove unwanted smells or humidity (Such as a shower room or bathroom).

If you fail to get this right and buy the wrong size fan that does not have enough capacity, you will either end up changing it, or having to fit an additional fan to increase the capacity.

The majority of fans will come with a rating for the square cubic metres of the room they are designed to be fitted in, if not always ask the dealer or manufacturer for this rating. Any good dealer will be able to advise you on this. Many online catalogues will also be able to give you this information. If you are still uncertain of the size then take your room measurements into the dealer.

Never ever just buy a fan because it looks big and you think it will do the job. With modern fan design size is not always the issue e.g. bigger is not always better. Many modern units are highly compact as they are designed to fit into small spaces.

Which Type Of Fan?

Where are you extracting air to? Outside or inside?
Secondly once you have decided on the capacity of the fan you need, then you need to decide if you need a through wall fan, or a fan with a duct. Of note is that a through wall fan is designed to extract air from a room located next to an outside wall, so do not buy one for a shower room or toilet that is in the middle of your house.

The other type of fan is one with a duct leading away from it, typically they are fitted in the ceiling and have a duct that then carries the air away through a void in the ceiling and then eventually leads to an outside wall. Both require different fitting skills but if you are in doubt then your nearest electrical wholesaler should be able to advise on the fitment, of note is that the work will need to be signed off by a qualified electrician.

Buying Your Extractor Fan – What is required?

First of all if you want to buy the right extractor fan for your bathroom or toilet, then probably the worst thing that you could do is go to your local Do It Yourself (DIY) store and buy one. It may say “Bathroom fan” on the box, so you are led to believe it is suitable to use in a bathroom, but would you have thought to have read the small print on the box saying what size bathroom it is suitable for? You probably would not have would you? So you get home install it and then find it is not up to the job.

Of note is that most large DIY stores just sell one type of bathroom fan, which in all probability is designed with an airflow rate to work in an average bathroom, but what size is the average bathroom? And therein lies the problem.

So if you want the atmosphere in your bathroom ideally to be free of moisture from the shower or bath, and so that your mirror always remains free from moisture so that you can see in it to shave easily, then you need to make sure that you purchase the right extractor fan.