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Morticing With a Router

Why bother with a mortice? Without it, furniture joinery would be compromised. The mortice and tenon Is the connection of choice in framed ware of all sorts, especially tables and seating. The joint resists tension (when glued) and twist, and ….


Most of the important principles of routing are not about routing or routers! Rather, they are about understanding and managing the materials to be routed. Routers, due to their precision and bizarre secondary and tertiary reference systems, have put a ….

Basic Guide To Ready To Use Wood Glue

For most woodworking projects, you can successfully use one of the three main types of ready-to-use wood glues. Each type has unique characteristics that make it suitable for some woodworking applications, but not for others. Let’s take a look at ….

How to Install a Yard Light Post

Besides welcoming guests and helping to ensure a safe walk to your door, good exterior lighting deters prowlers. Most homes have at least one exterior light mounted near the front door. The illumination is useful near the house, but it ….

Replacing Your Kitchen Sink

Your kitchen sink, faucet and disposer are meant to take a beating; they experience some of the highest use (and abuse) of any mechanical components in your home. So it’s no wonder they’re often among the first that need to ….

Best Wood Routers in UK

Of all the woodworking tools available, a router is probably one of the most versatile. Most wood workers, even beginners, realize the value of having a router, and many have more than one. However, with all the different types available ….