IASTM tools
IASTM tools
"the Rolls Royce of Instrument Assisted Soft-Tissue Mobilization"
"the Rolls Royce of Instrument Assisted Soft-Tissue Mobilization"


"Great blend of therapist passion and precision engineering tools!"

Daniel Jones MCSP AACP
Head Physiotherapist for the Welsh Rugby Union - National 7s squad
Using the Polycarb Dolphin  SS Dolphin & the Fin tool.

"For the PTs, OTs, DCs, MTs and other manual therapy practitioners that tend towards overuse of the hands, a tool such as the Dolphin can be a literal game changer."
"For my dollar, the Dolphin offers the best traits of a number of my other favorite tools in one convenient package."
"the stainless steel Dolphin is certainly the Rolls Royce of instrument assisted soft-tissue mobilization." 
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Seth Will, BS, LMT, PNMT, CPT  www.nmtmidwest.com
International lecturer, writer & clinician
Milwaukee, WI USA
Using the
SS Dolphin & Handlebar tool.

"I have been using IASTM for 7 years. I have collected numerous tools (15 is current count)-  and since acquiring the Dolphin from Iamtools this year I exclusively use it. The weight, the edges, the finish, and the results cannot be surpassed. There is as yet, no better all-purpose IASTM tool on the market! Thanks Iamtools for getting it right!"

Dr. Nicholas Studholme, D.C., C.C.S.P. , C.C.E.P.
Doctor of Chiropractic
Certified Chiropractic Sports Physician
Certified Chiropractic Extremity Practitioner


Boulder, Colorado, USA

Using the SS Dolphin

"The SS. Dolphin, great tool that I have enjoyed using with the patients. A great feedback sensation with regards to adhesions and if I may say so it is like playing golf with forged plate club heads where you feel every move. "

Dr. Wael Habib

M.D., D.C., D.O.

Chiropractic Egypt  www.chiropracticegypt.com

Using the SS Dolphin & Polycarb Dolphin

I love the tool, I think it's great because it is custom made and I enjoy the custom hand position. Malcolm has put many, many hours into building these amazing tools and the quality shows!~ If you love Graston, you'll really love these tools!!


Cassidy Phillips

CEO Trigger Point Performance Therapy  www.tptherapy.com

Austin, Texas, USA

Using the Dolphin

"Really liking the handlebar tool! Saves my hands from an enormous amount of fatigue and gives me the edge and leverage I need to access larger tissue groups deeply and completely. I already own several other tools from various manufacturers but the handlebar is by far my favorite!"

Allen Rubin, LMT 
Clinical Massage/Stretch Therapist
Scottsdale, AZ

“Instrument assisted massage is the best new addition to my sports and manual therapy biased physiotherapy practice in many years. The use of the Dolphin has enhanced my practice immeasurably. The handling, feel and feedback which the tool affords me are outstanding.  The treatment options using the tool are innumerable, including an extensive range of differing myofascial techniques, neural release, and joint mobilisations resulting in excellent effective and efficient outcomes for my patients which include elite rugby players.  The level of service and advice I have received from iam tools has been exceptional and I would recommend these tools to anyone who is serious about enhancing their neuromusculoskeletal physical therapy practice.”

Lesley McBride MSc MMACP MCSP HPC PgCertHE
Physiotherapist England U20 Rugby Squad
Senior Lecturer and physiotherapist, Coventry University

Using the Dolphin

"I have been using IASTM for a few years now and have had the pleasure of using the vast majority of the tools on the market. I have been using the iam tools selection for 6 months now and have made the switch over to using these tools regularly over other original makes. I have used the iam tools on World Class International Rugby League Players recovering from serious operations to muscle strains to performance enhance manual therapy. I have found the iam tools to be a nice weight for the therapist and the players have given good feedback on feeling, yet I still get great resonance from the tool itself. I can honestly say that I use the iam tools every day including match days. Thanks for the quality finish!"

David O'Sullivan - Physiotherapist at Leeds rugby club

"I love this tool. I have one and tonight I used it on two of my clients and made significant changes quickly. I've worked on this client for at least 3 years and never made changes like I did today. In the elbow where the cephalic, antecubital and basilic veins live in the SF I used the tool and discovered those veins were hooked up in that layer, tethered in way that affected her whole shoulder. When I finished with the tool and then my hands there was a significant change. Then I worked on her trapezius on the same side where there has always been a big stuck piece of trap, adhesed and taut. Used the tool there and voila, intstant change, and this client noticed immediately the changes as they were occuring. I was stoked. Also, on the 2nd person significant changes over an old and very deep scar from a gallbladder that had burst and a lot of scarring from that excacation and clearing out of that mess. Clearly there was softer tissue over the abdomen and less tenderness. Great hand saver and did things my hands never did. Bingo!"
"These tools are da bomb.... the best"

Sallie Thurman LMT
Palm Desert, California, USA
using the
SS Dolphin

"The Dolphin arrived today - what a beautiful piece of functional engineering."


Peter Sheedy - Referee (London)


Using the SS Dolphin

"Malcolm, I have been using my polycarb dolphin all week for various purpses including improving golf motion, improving ankle function, shoulder function, wrist function, knee function. Absolutely amazed at the results. Thanks so much for opening my world to Instrument assisted massage. Quote from my client Lynn who we are rehabbing after a major shoulder break - " that little thing is miraculous". Enough said."
Stephen Lewis - Golf performance coach, Personal Trainer & co-founder of..

Sydney, Australia

Using the Polycarb Dolphin

"Getting some great results with both pain and performance enhancement - very impressed with the polycarb tool!"

Jason Camm - Osteopath (London)

Using the Polycarb Dolphin

Let me introduce myself, my name is Daniel Wheelwright and I am a Personal Trainer, Massage Therapist and Sports Therapist with an emphasis on sports performance and injury rehab back to sport.
Having been a “hands on” therapist for a number of years now, and with a developing love for all things fascial, I have always loved prodding, poking, basically sticking something into people to see what happens. Then one great day, someone introduced me to the Stecco book and to scraping. Now in my years as a trainer and therapist, I have had 2 life changing moments, I wont bore you with the details but needless to say they turned my world upside down.
Now back to Stecco and scraping, on this life changing day a friend of mine handed me a small, shiny piece of stainless steel known as a Dolphin, and showed me how to scrape fascial structures to release, well fascia! Now I have always enjoyed good success with my hands, elbows, knuckles etc, but I have never seen people change so fast from being scraped. It's a truly remarkable technique to improve your skills, and for you to get the fastest results possible with your clients. I have seen someone limp in with a mcl strain and then in under an hour, be jumping, running, twisting and turning. It was like magic, and behind it all this tiny, shiny, handcrafted piece of stainless steel.
I went out and bought myself a Seal - all the massage assisted tools from Malcolm at Iam tools, have a cute animal name, which makes them more personable lol! But seriously, since I got my own tool, myself and my wifes hands on techniques have completely changed around, and we are enjoying instant results with our clients. All thanks to our very own Seal, and Malcolm at Iam tools. If your thinking of purchasing something to help your business or your own skills, you wont go wrong with a seal, or a dolphin.
P.s My wife is a Physiotherapist

Daniel Wheelwright - Sports Performance Therapist


"I've been using the iamtools ‘can opener' in my practice for a while now and am really starting to get the most out of this extremely versatile tool. Part of the reason for switching to this tool was because it makes use of all its edges, avoiding the need to change tools during treatment. Feedback from the patients has also been very positive in that they feel that they get the same level of treatment with less effort and therefore less irritation. 

There are two major advantages of this tool; firstly, the shape of the tool makes it perfect for just about any area of the body, getting the maximum results from the time spent in the treatment room. Secondly, the acuracy of the finish on the edges  leads to a great deal of tool feedback. This allows me to feel the quality of the tissue I am working on and identify the areas that need work."


"Used the new Dolphin tool from @Iamtools for the first time yesterday...myofascial release has never been so good!"

Neil Poulton - Physiotherapist. Using the The Dolphin


"I wanted to update you on my client that suffered a stroke a couple of years ago that i have been using my tool with. I have been doing no more than 30 seconds scraping on an area and then plenty of mobilisation. George went to see his doctor and neurologist a couple of weeks ago and they said he has had an 80% improvement in his movement and reaction times. They wanted to thank me personally and ask what I have been doing with him, as they had pretty much written off any chance of improvement. So I wanted to share the praise with you and let you know that what you taiught me has had a profound effect on George. I have recently started doing a tiny, gentle amount of work with his head and his speech and memory are improving. He says thank you for helping him too."
"My hockey team also wanted to say thank you, as I am able to get them back from injury quicker with my tool."

Amy Linford - Personal trainer. 

"The Dolphin is amazing, I love it and having so many brilliant results with it. I took a shoulder pain away in 2 minutes using it and the woman had been to see loads of people previously"

Oliver Jessop - Personal Trainer. Using the Dolphin

"Well as for my tool I am over the moon to say the least. Getting amazing feed back when i'm using it for my own feel of the area and muscle and also from the client on how they are loving the results. It's wicked mate thankyou so much."
Nicholas Taylor - Personal Trainer. 

"I've been using the new tool for a while now and can't believe the feedback I'm getting. Not sure if it's the weight, the shiny edges, or what (sure you'll tell me in your reply) but absolutely loving it. Thankyou.. and thanks for the advice on which one to get - think you were right :)"


Sarah Young - Personal Trainer and Functional Therapist using the The Dolphin

"Following a wrist injury I was unable to massage my patients, which had a serious effect on my practise. I was advised to try using Instrument Assisted Massage techniques by my physio, which led me to Malc and Lucy. I've found the IAM tools a joy to use. Not only has it meant that I can continue to work on areas such as frozen shoulders, I'm actually getting better results! The tool is well balanced and sits comfortably in my hand. The different edges mean that you can get into all the problem areas that need to be worked on. I can certainly recommend these IAM tools to anyone who wants to get results with their patients."

Lois Francis - Acupuncturist.


First off, I need to explain the importance from a Personal Training perspective of how IASTM has become a vital tool with clients. IASTM has given me the ability to give clients quick results in increased range, through releasing fascia, of which they can feel the benefits instantly. With these techniques in my tool box I was desperate to use it with aiding my clients, however, there were no manufactures of these tools in the UK, and then I came across IAM Tools on a course I went to. I saw some of the tools that had been made and they looked great. Since the course I had bought a ‘bottle opener’ tool and found the results to be amazing. The way in which the tools were designed is very precise and extremely great for feedback from the tissue. They also look very eye pleasing.. definatley better than the desert spoon I had previously used. Definitely am looking forward to getting more tools maybe even designing my own. 

Craig Carroll - Personal Trainer

Performance and Injury Specialist


The clients have given some great feedback too...

The following article came from Angela Wolff, who had a fantastic result after going to see Craig Carroll - a performance training and injury rehabilitation specialist based in London. Craig had recently purchased one of our Bottle opener tools..




Having one of our tools reffered to as "a special little tool that looked like a perfectly moulded Alessi can opener" made us very proud here at iam tools. But whether your familiar with this famous Italian designer kitchenwear company or not, it's still a fascinating (and well written) article to read, particularly if your interested to see how combining your knowledge as a functional therapist with your iastm skills can help with improving your clients performance so quickly.

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